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This is quite inventive – whoever thought of this first? I found this on a friend’s facebook page. Finally a good way to use unhealthy, polluting plastic bottles. […] Continue reading →

Recently I had the opportunity of two life coaching sessions with a professional life coach, Ulli Schoettler.  At first I was unsure whether I really needed the sessions and what I would gain from it, but already during the first session it became clear to me that a life coach can be immensely helpful in one’s quest of personal growth and development. Here is what Ulli has to say about Life Coaching. About Life Coaching Have you ever thought of being more happy, successful and having […] Continue reading →

These brownies are at least as delicious as the most rich, unhealthy, gooey brownies I have ever eaten. Since I am a chocoholic of note, you can take my word for it. It is hard to believe that they are actually good for you. Because they are so rich, you will be satisfied with a couple of squares. And if you have all the ingredients at hand, they are ready to eat within 20 minutes, including cleaning up. They can be prepared in a large batch, cut up into bite-size pieces and kept in an […] Continue reading →

In part 1 (to read: click here) and 2 (to read: click here) of this series of articles I have written about some of the benefits people experience when exercising the Callanetics way. Here, in part 3, I am listing some of the testimonials we received from clients of various ages and also what Dr Christian Larsen of the Spiraldynamik Institute in Switzerland has to say about Callanetics.  Elke, age 39 Backache eased tremendously; posture improved almost immediately; muscle tone has […] Continue reading →

A very tasty, raw, but hot soup, that you can whizz up within a few minutes – this is real ‘fast food’ that is so good for you, too. One of the best investments I made around 20 years ago was my Vita Mix Power Blender (yes, you are reading right – 20 years and still going strong!). And there were not many days in those 20  years when I did not use it. It is immensely versatile. Today there are a number of different makes on the market. A good, affordable one is the […] Continue reading →

To read part 1 of this post, please go here: In part 1 of this post we started exploring some of the most common benefits people have experienced with the SA Callanetics exercise programme. Here we continue the list: Improved Strength People of any age have reported much improved strength, not just in executing the exercises, but also in daily life with their day to day tasks. This helps them to work more efficiently and leads back to the benefit of more and sustained energy. Improved […] Continue reading →

I have been teaching Callanetics since 1991 and training new instructors in the SA Callanetics Programme since 1998; and since – after all these years – I am still not tired of it, I am obviously hooked on this form of exercise. Over the years I have seen some pretty amazing results in hundreds of people. Personally SA Callanetics has kept me strong and flexible, helped me heal various injuries, and has seen me through some rather stressful periods in my life. The personal […] Continue reading →


Healthy Halvah

Halvah is a Middle Eastern sweet, usually made from ground sesame seeds and lots of sugar. This recipe is just as delicious but nutritionally far superior. Like all the recipes I like and keep, it is quick and easy and freezes well. Ingredients 1 cup almonds 1/2 cup macademia or cashew nuts 1/2 cup raw tahini 3 – 4 tablespoons honey (or to taste) 1 teaspoon natural vanilla variation: for a lighter version use the pulp of almonds after making almond milk) Method In a power blender or […] Continue reading →

The following article appeared in a newsletter by Bruce Cohen of Absolute Organix, and is re-printed here under his permission. Since I have come across research on the same subject  several times in the past couple of years I thought it would be important for as many people as possible to become aware of what the real culprits are. Forget about cholesterol. These are the real killers … Guest Column by Dr Ahmed Haffejie I’m going to tell you a secret – something that the […] Continue reading →