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I can never think of what to do with left over egg yolk after using egg whites for meringues, marzipan etc. Now I found a  recipe, changed it into this healthier version, and these biscuits turned out very yummy. They are quick to prepare and freeze well, so make a bigger batch if  you have more egg yolks to use up. Ingredients: 2 egg  yolks 125 g coconut oil (organic, cold pressed) or butter 80 g coconut blossom sugar, xylitol or organic brown sugar 1 Tablespoon freshly squeezed lemon […] Continue reading →


I found this article in a newsletter that was forwarded to me, and I am re-printing it here with the kind permission of the author of the newsletter, Barbara Scogings (email: / Barbara welcomes new subscribers to her newsletter – it is free. The Value of Time Time, as most of us know and use it in our ‘reality’, is a dimension in which events can […] Continue reading →