Sylvia Lampe

Sylvia Lampe, (born in Vienna Austria in 1954, living in South Africa since 1975),

has been working in the health and fitness industry since 1982, and taught the SA Callanetics Programme since 1991.

She regularly goes overseas to update her knowledge and expertise, and offers workshops and Callanetics Teachers Training courses in South Africa. She established the “Callanetics Teachers Association of South Africa”  as a professional body for Callanetics Teachers in South Africa and has produced 7 DVDs with various workout options. Sylvia teaches SA Callanetics at her studio in Sundowner, Randburg (Johannesburg).

Sylvia is also a Therapeutic Reflexology Practioner registered with the AHPCSA, and trained in Swedish massage and colon hydrotherapy with a special interest in nutrition, supplementation and natural medicine.

Sylvia has also been a long-standing volunteer for drug addiction centers, helping and supporting those struggling with addiction to find rehab centre locations.