SA Callanetics Program

The name Callanetics was coined by its originator Callan Pinckney, who in turn learned a similar type of exercise from her forerunner, Lotte Berk in the UK. The program was further developed with the help of doctors, physiotherapists and specialists for human movement co-ordination mainly in Switzerland and has become a therapeutic form of exercise.

Movements are executed three-dimensionally and are tiny. This way the deepest muscle layers are worked, the muscles become lean and elongated (as opposed to bulky) and results show quickly. Often people report a noticeable improvement after only four or five classes. Effects are cumulative, and even after years of following the SA Callanetics programme, improvements still happen.

This together with the correct activation of the pelvic floor muscles and the consistent lengthening of the spine bring about postural improvements and loss of inches all round, which in turn not only improves appearance with a leaner and more toned body, but also brings about a myriad of health benefits, eg: elimination or improvement of chronic back pain, better quality of and a need for less sleep, more energy, natural appetite control, improved strength, endurance and flexibility,better co-ordination and balance, and people ‘grow’ by an average of 1 to 4 centimetres, as posture improves and the spine stretches and lengthens.

In each class the exercises are precisely co-ordinated with each other to train all muscle groups.Exact positions and tiny movements with many repetitions activate muscle cells and build strength.Dynamic stretching of the muscles makes them flexible.

Routines change regularly, and physio balls, elastic bands, small weights and other equipment are often used to avoid boredom and to challenge the body in different ways on an on-going basis.

What to Expect in Class

The SA Callanetics programme is taught in small groups of no more than 12 participants, so instructors can give individual attention to all class participants, making sure that postures are correct, therefore achieving the best possible result for each client. This also allows people of varying fitness levels and different age groups to exercise together, and even special needs clients (eg: pregnant ladies and people with certain limitations due to injury or operations) can be accommodated. Classes are one hour long.

Participants wear comfortable clothing not restricting the waist. However clothes should be fitted and body hugging (not necessarily skin tight) in order to enable the client as well as the instructor to observe postures and develop an awareness of the anatomically correct way of moving not just during classes, but also in every-day life. No shoes are worn during SA Callanetics classes, but socks are recommended in winter.

Finding Classes

There are several studios in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Mpumalanga, Bloemfontein, Klerksdorp, and as more instructors are trained in comprehensive teachers training courses, furtherstudios open country wide.

People who don’t have a studio nearby, can make use of the 8 DVDs which have been produced for home use, offering different workouts varying in length and intensity, including a face exercise DVD and an introductory DVD explaining basic techniques with a series of preparatory exercises for newcomers.

Video Workouts

SA Callanetics produced several DVDs with workouts of different lengths which can be downloaded here or ordered as physical DVDs from: info@ctasa.org.za

For more information access the website www.ctasa.org.za where a list of all existing studios with contact details can be found, or contact the CTASA at info@ctasa.org.za / +27 11 795 3311.

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