Callanetics – what is in it for you? – Part 3

In part 1 (to read: click here) and 2 (to read: click here) of this series of articles I have written about some of the benefits people experience when exercising the Callanetics way.

Here, in part 3, I am listing some of the testimonials we received from clients of various ages and also what Dr Christian Larsen of the Spiraldynamik Institute in Switzerland has to say about Callanetics.

 Elke, age 39

Backache eased tremendously; posture improved almost immediately; muscle tone has generally improved all over my body to the extent that people comment whether I have lost weight (but I haven’t!). My spine has stretched and therefore I have ‘grown’ by 2 cm. A greater sense of well-being and achievement has been instilled. The classes often have a therapeutic effect on me. I really enjoyt our sessions and can only recommend Callanetics classes to everyone who is interested.

Ursula, age 34

I have lost a considerable amount of inches. I now fit into a size smaller than I used to. My height has increased from 1.67 m to 1.68m. I no longer have upper back pain which I suffered with for quite a number of years from a hockey injury at age 23. It is an hour of sanity (when my kids are not with me) and an hour of  ‘freedom’ from being a responsible mom, wife, house wife, bottle washer – you name it. The chats before, during and after class are enjoyable. It beats a noisy gym full of Kugels and sexy brown bodies by far. Thank you Sylvia for all your knowledge and good advice.

Helene, 50ish

I really feel so much better since starting Callanetics; had back problems every now and then, was stiff in the morning with a sore neck. Now: all these problems are very much better, virtually non-existent. Thank you so much, Sylvia.

Karleine, age 31

I started Callanetics 1 1/2 hears ago after the birth of my first child. I enjoy every class and it gives me a breather from everything at home. My body took a while to bet back in shape, but mainly because I was eating the wrong food. Only after I lost the excess weight did I start seeing dramatic results from the exercises. I have lost over 26 cm and have gone from a size 38 back to a 36. Since then I have lost a total of 12 kg! I love the interaction with all the other ladies and Sylvia is such an inspiration to me. Even when I’m too stiff to get out of bed from the previous day’s exercise, I get up and go, because it is fun and important to me. Thanks, Sylvia!

Elaine, age 55

I have noticed that my back and stomach become very weak and prone to disorders if I do not do regular Callanetics. My bladder also gets very weak in as little as one month without Callanetics. To me it is the greatest exercise and it certainly keeps me strong. Thank you for being such a good teacher.

Madeleine, age 30

I started doing Callanetics when I was 6 months pregnant. After my baby’s birth I was wearking size 11 and 12 pants. Now, 4 years later, I am wearing size 6! I had no arm! And now there are definite muscles. Callanetics has changed my posture (no more lower back pain) and life so much, I have become a Callanetics instructor – this I will be able to do even when I am in an old-age home!

Helen, age 40

Callanetics has changed my shape totally – unlike years of gym and swimming. It has firmed my body and lifted many areas!!! I love slow exercise and the toning effect. I feel more energetic and healthy.

Jenny, age 66 (physiotherapist)

I had an injury to my left shoulder about 4 years ago with loss of range in elevation and external rotation. Started Callanetics 2 years ago; now have full range and the grating noise in shoulder is almost gone.

 Mandy, age 35 (physiotherapist)

Have noticed that I no longer walk with a duck-footed right foot; had a shoulder injury which flared up every so often; now not aware of it any more. Shoulder now strong and stable. More defined waist, longer looking muscles.

Ulrike, age 59

I am a new-comer to Callanetics and am still very inflexible and stiff. For me this is the best exercise I have ever done and I am enjoying Callanetics tremendously. although I only attend class once a week, I hope to improve on flexibility and to further tone my body. Thank you, Sylvia, for your support and patience.

Noleen, age 35

General: Although I have not lost weight, I am more toned and feel better. Posture: I used to hunch my shoulders forward and I am now more aware; I also stand upright. Feet: I had flat feet and was starting to get bunions. Arch is returning to my feet and bunions are going away. Back: This is the greatest change. I had a back injury a few years ago and since then I hardly went a day without pain. I used to take pain killers regularly and go tot he chiropractor often. Now I do not take pain killers and very seldom need the chiropractor. I only have pain if I have been skipping class or i f I do something silly. Althoug my back may not heal, I am better able to manage my condition.

Dr Christian Larsen, MD

Translation of Testimonial

on Callanetics

by Dr med. Christian Larsen

Spiraldynamik® International

Zuerich, Switzerland


I would like to summarize my experiences as follows The Callanetics programmes belong to the reliable and valuable offers, and are therefore worthy of endorsement for the following reasons:


  • Minimum risk of injury: in view of the extremely high jarring of many disciplines, this is a factor which must not be underrated. Due to clear movement control with the help of floor and wall etc. it is also safe for beginners.


  • Efficient training for muscle building: the repeated contraction in the isometric zone is efficient and – once again – safe (few moments of acceleration, little momentum)


  • Precise body awareness training: this is the most important factor of prevention in all back training programmes.


  • Reliable representation: clear training concept, regular (obligatory) further development and education (where else can one still find this in the fitness industry?). Client care in small groups, well attended possibilities for private tuition.


  • The most important argument: the effective benefits and results, which the Callanetics Programmes have shown so far.



In my opinion the Callanetics-Prevention programmes fulfil the necessary medical, psychological, hygienic as well as administrative-structural prerequisites to be included in the preventive programmes which are worthy of support and endorsement.



Signed by Dr. Med. Christian Larsen


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