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Unless you are dead, there just is NO EXCUSE! Age is Just a Number SA CALLANETICS is one of the very best exercise programmes you can do for overall fitness, flexibility, strength, posture, endurance …. and so much more with results beginning to show after just a few lessons. It will help you improve your performance in any other sport or fitness programme you might be taking part in – it is a great equalizer. Check it out on or contact […] Continue reading →

Since the lymphatic system does not have a heart to move lymph fluid through the body, it depends on various other bodily functions to achieve this. There are approximately 6 to 10 liters of lymph in the body, compared to 3.5 to 5 liters of blood. Muscle contraction and movement, breathing, the pulse of adjacent blood vessels, external stimulation like massage and dry skin brushing, sufficient hydration, fresh air and sunshine and a healthy, organic, mainly raw diet,  are all necessary […] Continue reading →

Here are five vital principles taught in the Callanetics Exercise Programme, and when applied in daily life, can improve your quality of life greatly: 1. Remember your feet Our feet are far away from our head and therefore often forgotten. However, good posture starts with the correct alignment of our feet. If our feet are misaligned, the whole body is affected – remember everything is connected to everything else. Knee, hip, back, shoulder and neck problems are often caused by wrong […] Continue reading →

In part 1 (to read: click here) and 2 (to read: click here) of this series of articles I have written about some of the benefits people experience when exercising the Callanetics way. Here, in part 3, I am listing some of the testimonials we received from clients of various ages and also what Dr Christian Larsen of the Spiraldynamik Institute in Switzerland has to say about Callanetics.  Elke, age 39 Backache eased tremendously; posture improved almost immediately; muscle tone has […] Continue reading →

To read part 1 of this post, please go here: In part 1 of this post we started exploring some of the most common benefits people have experienced with the SA Callanetics exercise programme. Here we continue the list: Improved Strength People of any age have reported much improved strength, not just in executing the exercises, but also in daily life with their day to day tasks. This helps them to work more efficiently and leads back to the benefit of more and sustained energy. Improved […] Continue reading →

I have been teaching Callanetics since 1991 and training new instructors in the SA Callanetics Programme since 1998; and since – after all these years – I am still not tired of it, I am obviously hooked on this form of exercise. Over the years I have seen some pretty amazing results in hundreds of people. Personally SA Callanetics has kept me strong and flexible, helped me heal various injuries, and has seen me through some rather stressful periods in my life. The personal […] Continue reading →

The name Callanetics was coined by its originator Callan Pinckney, who in turn learned a similar type of exercise from her forerunner, Lotte Berk in the UK. The program was further developed with the help of doctors, physiotherapists and specialists for human movement co-ordination mainly in Switzerland and has become a therapeutic form of exercise. Movements are executed three-dimensionally and are tiny. This way the deepest muscle layers are worked, the muscles become lean and elongated […] Continue reading →