Green Smoothies – part 2: How to Make Green Smoothies

Tips for home-made green smoothies

Wild and garden herbs – the nonplus ultra in a Green Smoothie

Wild growing plants grow in natural soil, and have not been weakened by cultivation, and therefore they absorb nutrients directly from the ground, contrary to plants grown by conventional agriculture, which are often harvested before they are ripe and normally grow in unnatural conditions.

Wild and garden herbs not only add a tasty kick to your Green Smoothie but also offer  more health benefits. Therefore add these regularly, but in small quantities.

Wild herbs are very potent nutrients, therefore you should start by adding only a few in the beginning, otherwise it can lead to strong detoxifying side effects, which can manifest as tiredness, reduced stamina, acne, weight loss, tendency to being cold (cold hands and feet), digestive problems, headaches, disturbed sleep, low blood pressure, psychological instability, the need for more sleep, menstrual problems. These side effects can take  anything from several days to a few months and their intensity can vary greatly. Such detoxifying side effects are generally positive, but can be temporarily unpleasant. Once the detoxifying process is completed, the picture changes and many positive phenomena are felt, eg: inner peace, feelings of physical and mental well-being, excellent stamina and energy, psychological stability, high protection from disease, the need for less sleep, excellent circulation, clean skin.

Enthusiastic beginner-users of Green Smoothies can wrongly assume that Green Smoothies don’t agree with them. Therefore it is best to get used to them slowly, and always make sure that you like the Green Smoothie, that you digest it well and that you feel fit and well after drinking it, so that you love drinking it on a daily basis.

Green Smoothies have a harmonising effect for body, mind and spirit. 

This means that the Green Smoothie has the potential to reach far beyond  plain nutrition. Victoria Boutenko, the ‘inventor’ of the Green Smoothie  summarised this very well: ‘Physical and mental health is not the only aim. Our highest aim as humans is to be happy and to live  in harmony, cooperation and tolerance with other humans and the whole of creation’. Mrs Boutenko’s opinion is that we are spiritual beings with a spiritual mission. Many people know  instinctively  that our lives cannot only be lived with the aim of self-realisation, but that they should reach a higher destiny. Try it – the Green Smoothie really promotes empathy, a feeling of balance and the consciousness of a greater purpose.

How to make Green Smoothies

You can start straight away – you don’t need to wait for the right moment, you can begin drinking delicious Green Smoothies  today! It has never been easier to enjoy healthy nutrition. The Green Smoothie makes ‘nutrition-history’. It will enrich your life in many ways.

The only thing you need and might have to invest in is a blender. You can try to use a handheld blender stick to start experimenting, but for daily Green Smoothie-making it is insufficient. It does not blend fruits and greens fine enough and usually does not last long if used to make smoothies on a day to day basis.

When you buy an upright blender, buy the strongest one you can afford. The best option is a power blender with a minimum of 30 000 revolutions per minute. They are expensive but worth it in the long run (eg: HiBlend, VitaMix, OmniBlend) if you plan to continue drinking Green Smoothies every day, and they are very versatile as they have many other functions besides powerful, super fast blending of smoothies. A power blender will also puree avocado pips effortlessly; it will break the cellulose walls of plant cells,stems, and pips. By pureeing the Green Smoothie that finely, it is not only easier to digest but also tastes better, as all the taste sensations can develop fully in the mouth.

However, if you already have a blender, start with the one you  have. Don’t rush out to buy a power blender. Wait until your blender’s life comes to an end and then invest in a stronger one.

As a general rule fill the container half with fruit and half with green leaves. Add enough water to just cover the contents and start with the lowest setting and slowly work up to the fastest speed as soon as the blade of the blender starts to chop the contents.

Tips for successful Green Smoothies

  •  use organic fruit & vegetables as much as possible
  • use only ripe ingredients
  • fill first the fruit into the blender container, as they are harder
  • make sure that the percentage of green ingredients is as high as possible
  • if necessary use a stamper to support the blending process
  • if the blender does not work so well, add more water
  • don’t blend the ingredients too long, so they don’t heat up unnecessarily; with a power blender 30 – 45 seconds are enough.

To end part 2 of the series on Green Smoothies, here are two starter recipes once again, so you can experiment straight away.  In part 3 we will continue with more tips, answers to questions and suggestions for ingredients to use.

Sweet Mango/Lettuce Green Smoothie


  1. 1 mango without stone
  2. 2 nectarines without stone
  3. 15 cherries or berries, stones removed
  4. 200 g corn or cos lettuce (or other mixed green leaf lettuce)
  5. 1/2 bunch of parsley
  6. 1 peeled lemon
  7. water to cover ingredients

Place all ingredients  in blender and blend till smooth.

Avocado Green Smoothie


  1. 1/2 avocado with 1/2 the pip (only if you are using a power blender)
  2. 1 – 2 peeled lemons
  3. 1 hand full baby spinach
  4. 4 sticks celery
  5. water to cover contents

Place all ingredients  in blender and blend till smooth.

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