Life Coaching – what is it, how can it benefit you?

Recently I had the opportunity of two life coaching sessions with a professional life coach, Ulli Schoettler.  At first I was unsure whether I really needed the sessions and what I would gain from it, but already during the first session it became clear to me that a life coach can be immensely helpful in one’s quest of personal growth and development.

Here is what Ulli has to say about Life Coaching.

About Life Coaching

Have you ever thought of being more happy, successful and having more confidence or being more relaxed and content?

You may desire to further your career, or to control your stress better, or to manage your time more effectively and to improve relationships with people. This is where a professional coach can help you. To assess your capabilities, explore options, establish goals, create an action plan, and execute each step of the plan till you reach your goal.

A coach is also an “accountability partner,” someone who will hold your feet to the fire and make you do the tough stuff needed to move forward.

Lots of people use coaches on an ongoing basis throughout their lives and career for continuous help with direction, development, and effectiveness.

 So what is coaching?

Coaching is a form of self-development where a person (the coach) supports someone else (a coachee) to create positive change in their lives that benefits them. It is an inspirational communication journey to create the space to think for yourself in order to maximize your own performance and well-being. You will experience someone who totally supports and listens to you and doesn’t judge you. One person supports the success of another.

Coaching is about people – being more….happy, content, successful, relaxed…..

In our constant quest for success, happiness and fulfillment coaching provides a way to achieve your goals, to discover your live purpose and liberating your potential. It will help to shift your perspective.

The goal is to enhance the client’s awareness and behaviour to achieve objectives and goals.

Within the coaching conversation you will feel safe, not judged, nobody will interrupt you or will finish your sentence, it’s calming and relaxing… this is your time.

So, whatever you would like to shift, change, move, think about or do differently in            your life or job this is where coaching will be the right platform to make space for it.

 Role of the Coach:

  • To lead the coachee to answers, new possibilities, insights, resolutions and decisions with incisive questions.
  • To provide an objective assessment to help the coachee’s self-awareness and awareness of others.
  • To challenge blind spots in order to illuminate new possibilities.
  • A coach provides support, challenge, feedback and guidance – but rarely answers.
  • Keeping to professional boundaries in the coaching relationship, including confidentiality and adhering to the coaching professions code of ethics.

 Some of the benefits for the coachee:

  • Personal growth
  • Self-awareness  and awareness of others
  • Improving your performance
  • Increasing your power and confidence
  • Taking control of your own destiny
  • Improvement of your communication skills

Ulrike Schöttler

Professional Career Coach & CV Consultant/ Trainer

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