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There is no such thing as junk food

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Tips for home-made green smoothies Wild and garden herbs – the nonplus ultra in a Green Smoothie Wild growing plants grow in natural soil, and have not been weakened by cultivation, and therefore they absorb nutrients directly from the ground, contrary to plants grown by conventional agriculture, which are often harvested before they are ripe and normally grow in unnatural conditions. Wild and garden herbs not only add a tasty kick to your Green Smoothie but also offer  more health […] Continue reading →

A couple of months ago I was given a book in German: Gruene Smoothies – Die supergesunde Mini-Mahlzeit aus dem Mixer by Dr. Med. Christian Guth and Burkhard Hickisch (translated: Green Smoothies – the super healthy mini meal out of the blender). I read it within a day or two and immediately started experimenting with green smoothies in my power blender. It was love at first sight. I love the taste, the way they make me feel and within a couple of weeks I experienced amazing […] Continue reading →