Callanetics – what is in it for you? – Part 2

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In part 1 of this post we started exploring some of the most common benefits people have experienced with the SA Callanetics exercise programme. Here we continue the list:

Improved Strength

People of any age have reported much improved strength, not just in executing the exercises, but also in daily life with their day to day tasks. This helps them to work more efficiently and leads back to the benefit of more and sustained energy.

Improved Endurance

With improved strength people find that their endurance improves greatly as well. The exercises are executed three-dimensionally by isolating muscle groups, working them for an increasing number of repetitions of tiny pulses, whilst ‘actively’ relaxing the rest of the body. This leads to better stamina also in other activities and types of sports.

Increased Flexibility

One of the problems of an inactive life style, often hunched over computers in bad posture, is that of stiffness and a decrease of flexibility of the joints and muscles, especially as we get older. With Callanetics all this can be reversed and improved to a large degree. Stretches are held for at least 30 seconds, often even longer, which – together with the tiny, 3-D movement – leads to long, lean looking muscles, flexible joints and protection from over-use injuries. The rotational flexibility of the spine is much improved, so that one finds that turning the body to look behind without having to move the whole body, as is mostly the case in older adults, becomes natural and easy once again. Bending down to tie shoe laces, or picking things off the floor can be done without the accompanying groans, and walking becomes ‘light’ with a spring in one’s step.

Natural Appetite Control

One would think that after a workout we feel more hungry and we want to eat more, but the opposite is the case after a Callanetics workout. Cravings are reduced, and one tends not to overeat. The natural hunger/satiety signals seem to be re-activated to work better again, and often people report to make healthier food choices.

The Need for Less Sleep

This is not a case for sleeping too little, burning the candle on both ends, but people rather reporting better quality sleep and waking better rested after a shorter period of time. So if people are sluggish from inactively slouching in front of the TV all evening, snacking on unhealthy, fatty foods, then falling into bed mentally exhausted on a full stomach and waking the next morning feeling un-rested and with a foggy mind, despite sleeping 8 or more hours, they would soon find that after some time of regular Callanetics workouts they would wake up feeling well rested and ready to take on the challenges of the day ahead after only 7 hours of sleep.

So, give Callanetics a try, go the DVD section on this blog to download some of the SA Callanetics DVDs or go here to find a list of studios around South Africa and some overseas studios.

In part 3 of this series of articles, we will look at some testimonials of people of all ages who exercise the Callanetics way.


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