Himalaya Salt – a healthy & tasty salt, supplying vital minerals to the body

Benefits of Using Himalaya Salt

We all want to be healthy, yet most of us have some kind of an ailment, for which we consume some medication, be it for:
Blood pressure, diabetes, HIV/Aids
Heart, lung, kidney, intestine, liver
Cancer, chronic fatigue or depression – the list goes on, and most unfortunately without improving the quality of our lives.

Dr Otto Wartburg from Germany was awarded a Nobel Prize in 1931 for discovering the importance of oxygen which provides the energy for cells to be renewed to health. The fact is that oxygen starved cells become cancerous, and responsible for most diseases.
The full range of 84 trace minerals are responsible for transmitting oxygen to the cell and for holding the oxygen in the cell.
Where does one get hold of the full range of 84 trace minerals which are so vitally important for energy, health and our quality of life?
The only source of natural minerals in the whole world is pure uncontaminated sea salt which was crystallized by the sun more than 200 million years ago when the sea was uncontaminated. In shallow sea shores, where the Himalayan Mountains are today, the layered crystallized salt was securely embedded by the volcanic eruptions which formed the Himalayan Mountains.

This salt is today mined by human hands, stone ground and shipped by sea in containers to our store, untreated by heat, (which destroys 96% of the trace minerals) and with no chemicals added.

Real Himalayan salt, available in chunks, coarse and fine, is guaranteed to be 100% pure, and contains ALL 84 trace minerals, vitally important to carry and preserve oxygen for cells to provide us with energy and healthy cells.

Commercially available salt was heat and chemically treated with aluminium sulphate and bleached, which is tantamount to death lurking on your table.

Use Himalayan salt instead of normal table salt in all your food preparation.

Drink daily

1 teaspoon of salt water (water saturated with Himalayan salt) in a glass of water to maintain your body’s natural balance. We need to supplement because most vegetables are grown in mineral depleted soil.

Face & Body Scrub

I make my own face & body scrub, free of harmful chemicals and preservatives and very cost effective. Fill a jar with a screw top lid 3/4 full with fine or coarse Himalaya salt. Add enough cold pressed olive oil to mix into a soft paste. Add any of your favourite aromatherapy oils, mix thoroughly with a fork, then close the lid and shake vigorously. Keep in the bathroom and use once a week as a face and body scrub, adding a little water as you scrub your skin. It leaves your skin clean and soft. After rinsing and drying put a face mask on your face and cream your body with your favourite natural body butter or lotion.

Mineral Bath

Prepare and enjoy a super natural mineral bath in your own home. Add 200 grams fine Himalayan salt to your hot bath, soak for 30 minutes and your body is loaded with a natural full spectrum of 84 basic and trace minerals.
Start today to take care of the fundament of your health.
Get some Himalayan salt from your nearest health store or from Sylvia @ Callanetics Studio Suncabin at discounted prices.

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