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Goji berries are one of the new superfoods on the market. They contain the highest antioxidant level of any food, which means they can destroy free radicals, thereby protecting the body and helping to fight diseases like heart disease and cancer. They can be eaten whole like raisins (it is best to soak them first for at least 15 minutes), or added to smoothies, fruit salads, mueslies  or baked goods. Here is a recipe for delicious raw health bars: Ingredients 350 ml peanut butter […] Continue reading →

Raw Lemon Pie

This Lemon Pie is always a hit with guests, and the best part is that it is healthy. In avocado season it is a great way to use up several avos when they all ripen at once. It is said to keep a week in the fridge, however in my house we never get a chance to verify this, as it usually gets eaten within a couple of days at most. However, if I manage to put some in the freezer before it is all gobbled up, just know that it freezes well. ingredients for the crust: 1 1/2 cups […] […] Continue reading →

This Fish Pie recipe has been adapted from a Jamie Oliver Recipe, and in true J.O. style, it is easy, fuss free, and fast to rustle up – great for when guests come to dinner, as it serves 6. It can be adapted to diary free, by omitting the cheese and adding Nature’s Choice Mock Parmesan Cheese, or make your own vegan cheese from any of the many available raw cook books, or just chop cashew or macademia nuts very finely (in a power blender this can be done within a few seconds, […] Continue reading →