This Fish Pie recipe has been adapted from a Jamie Oliver Recipe, and in true J.O. style, it is easy, fuss free, and fast to rustle up – great for when guests come to dinner, as it serves 6. It can be adapted to diary free, by omitting the cheese and adding Nature’s Choice Mock Parmesan Cheese, or make your own vegan cheese from any of the many available raw cook books, or just chop cashew or macademia nuts very finely (in a power blender this can be done within a few seconds, […] Continue reading →

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Since I am one of the worst culprits when it comes to burning the candle at both ends, and having experienced all the negative effects of sleep deprivation, this post also serves as a reminder to myself of how important enough sleep is. The tips at the end of the article are really helpful, and with a bit of self discipline it is quite amazing how one’s quality of life can be improved with a few simple steps. 1. To Improve Memory Adequate sleep improves your memory and […] Continue reading →

Freezes well – make a batch and freeze in portions. Great instead of butter. […] Continue reading →

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The name Callanetics was coined by its originator Callan Pinckney, who in turn learned a similar type of exercise from her forerunner, Lotte Berk in the UK. The program was further developed with the help of doctors, physiotherapists and specialists for human movement co-ordination mainly in Switzerland and has become a therapeutic form of exercise. Movements are executed three-dimensionally and are tiny. This way the deepest muscle layers are worked, the muscles become lean and elongated […] Continue reading →