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This is a true energy saver, if you use the sun (use  dehydrator or low – less than 50 degrees – oven on sunless days). The mushrooms become extremely tasty and can be eaten as is, mixed into salads, as a side dish, as part of fillings for wraps or as pizza toppings or in sandwiches, mixed into sprouted, cooked brown basmati rice, pasta … you get the gist,  your imagination is the limit. You can, of course, also ring the changes with different spices and herbs, eg: […] Continue reading →

I just got this recipe from my friend Marion and made it today for supper and served it with a slice of gluten free foccaccia with herbs and olives on the side – it is delicious and so quick and easy to prepare. Freeze peeled, cut up mangoes when in season and cheap, then you can prepare this healthy ‘fast food’ when short of time any time during the year. Ingredients: 1 large mango, peeled, stone removed 1/2 onion 1 cup iced , filtered water (or more, depending on how […] Continue reading →


Raw Mango Pie

It is mango season in South Africa, and mangoes are cheap right now. As promised here is the Mango Pie recipe – it is easy, quick, healthy and yummy. Make a few and freeze for when mangoes are out of season. Or just freeze peeled, chopped mangoes and use from frozen. Ingredients for the crust: 2 cups cashew nuts or almonds (or a mixture of both) – soaked for 2 – 12 hours, then dried either in the sun for approx. 1 1/2 hours or in a dehydrator or simply with a clean tea […] Continue reading →

No Therapy! To prevent misunderstandings: Green Smoothies can prevent cancers and support treatments for cancer, however they are not able to heal cancer in and by themselves! Prevention of Cancer Cancer is a very complex disease which is still not sufficiently understood, even by scientists. Due to its composition of fruit and a high percentage of green leaves, the Green Smoothie is a very potent anti-cancer food. The reason for this is that plants contain a wide variety of substances […] Continue reading →

Due to the harmonising effects of Green Smoothies, body, mind and spirit become more sensitive and our feelings of empathy and are heightened. We are more centred in our heart which leads to deep consequences for our marriages and partnerships. We acknowledge others’s individuality more, listen more and feel more connected in our hearts. This deep feeling, which is promoted by the vitality giving ingredients of Green Smoothies, does not need to be limited to marriage and family. It is […] Continue reading →

Green Smoothies also clear the myth that ‘real’ muscles can only be built by eating large amounts of meat. When our bodies use animal proteins to obtain the necessary amino acids, the digestive system uses much more energy to split up the long amino acid chains, so they can be used in our cells. This way a lot of energy is lost already which could otherwise be used for building muscle mass. Green plants contain less complex protein molecules but more essential amino acids in […] Continue reading →

The saying ‘true beauty comes from inside’ can be taken seriously since the discovery of Green Smoothies. With every sip you get a string of ingredients which cleanse, calm and make your skin younger. Inflammation inhibiting components, anti-oxidants, valuable fatty acids and much more create a super healthy environment for the metabolism inside your body which liberates you from negative stress. Inner relaxation and health show in your attractive outer appearance. The knowledge […] Continue reading →

Women who regularly drink Green Smoothies found that PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome) and menstrual problems like cramps are much improved. It is assumed that this is due to the generally harmonising effect on the whole organism combined with the mood lifting and  antispasmodic properties of the plant compounds. Women suffering from these problems would benefit from adding St John’s Wort, Agnus Castus and Lady’s Mantle regularly to their Green Smoothies. For extreme cramps Yarrow […] Continue reading →

Good nutrition is of central importance in our quest for staying young and healthy for as long as possible. Typical ailments and diseases of  aging can be prevented or postponed with correct nutrition. The intake of a sufficient amount of anti-oxidants which neutralise aggressive oxidative molecules (free-radicals), which form as part of  the metabolising process, weaken the body and speed up aging,  is absolutely essential. This process is also called ‘oxidative stress’. […] Continue reading →

In part 4 of the series on Green Smoothies we look at the benefits for the digestive system, followed again by recipes. Optimising digestion and re-establishing a healthy intestinal flora If Green Smoothies are taken daily, they create the ideal environment for a healthy intestinal flora. Most diseases disappear once the colon starts working properly again. The pre-requisite for a healthy digestion is a sufficient amount of good bacteria in the colon. If these are lacking unpleasant […] Continue reading →